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How to Mentally Prepare for Difficult Conversations

I distinctly remember the performance appraisal that was a game changer in my management career. I was only a few years into the position and my manager suggested that an area I should focus on should be “people management” and dealing with difficult and challenging conversations. No sooner than I inked it, the experiences came fast and furious. It goes to show you how powerful it is when you ink something you want to accomplish.

Acknowledge Your Discomfort

 inside of a tight cardboard boxMy stomach was in knots as I approached my first conversation. It is not like I have not had a difficult conversation Read the rest

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Do You Run When There is a Fire in the Kitchen?

Every day we are faced with situations that can trigger our emotions and how you respond can make all the difference. You may be dealing with a difficult colleague or a sabotaging boss, or entitled teenager. You may see these conflicts as manipulative, undermining, or even as a personal attack. Your first instinct may be to express your anger and frustration; however, often the first thing said can be your greatest regret. For some people, when there is a “fire” or conflict, it is easier to just run out of the kitchen and not deal with the issue or concern … Read the rest

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