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The Mindset that Will Cost You Your Dreams

ID-10089448There is one mindset that can cost you your dreams if you give it space. It sneaks up on you and can infiltrate your mind if you let it. You can create it with your imagination and take it anywhere you want. It sabotages any success you may have been achieving.

Can you guess what it is?

It is the “victim” mindset.

The victim mindset develops from comparing yourself to others and feeling that you are not enough. All you see is how great their life is, but you are part of their life 100% of the time.… Read the rest

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Are You Getting Caught in the Comparison Trap?

Do you find yourself stuck in a rut thinking you are not making any traction? You can be making progress and moving forward yet feel like you are not accomplishing anything. This happens all because you have taken your eyes off the prize and steered off course by comparing yourself to others. Let me make a confession – I have done it, yes – I have ┬ácompared myself to others only to lose my focus on what I truly wanted. We can be hard on ourselves up and lose our momentum. Don’t get caught in the trap!

Admiring others and … Read the rest

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