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Sometimes You Just Need to Put the Blinders On

This post seems so appropriate since Rodeo Week is just around the corner. In a recent a late night phone conversation with a friend of mine,  I was asking her if she checked out some of the things that others were doing in her industry. She mentioned she did not. I am quite a curious cat so I asked “Why?” “Well” she said, ” If I look at what others are doing, I may have the tendency to compare what they are doing to what I am doing.” How many of you can relate? Sometimes this comparison can downright pull … Read the rest

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Increase Your Positivity Level

Are you looking at your glass as half empty or half full? It is really important when you project yourself out in the world that you are coming from a place as have full and on the way to filling ‘er up! The reason being is -you can get caught up very easily in comparing yourself to others. Worrying about what others think. Guess what? People are so busy – they do not have time to look what is going on in your world. They have enough trouble looking after their own so do not worry about what other people … Read the rest

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