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How Does Hindsight Help You GPS Your Best Life?

written by Debra Kasowski & Charmaine Hammond

Do wish you could turn back time so you could have the results you wanted the first time?

You have probably heard the saying that “Hindsight is 20/20”. You always learn from where you have been if you take the time to consciously look at how your day went and where you may have improved. Foresight is worth its weight in gold.If you plan with intention to learn from your mistakes you can improve your relationships, career, family dynamics and even your health.

Courtesy of Dundee Photographics/freedigitalphotos.net

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Change Your Habits by Making The Decision

Habits are those practices that we put in place that help to serve us in some shape or form. Whether it be smoking cigarettes, overeating, undereating, gambling, or overspending, the habits you and I form are there for emotional support.As Dr. Phil would say, “How is that working for you?” Why not channel the emotions you have into leading a healthy business lifestyle in order to create the life you want. Women have asked me how can they change or transform into the woman they want to be. The answer is simple! You need to make a decision!!!

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How Will Changing Your Habits Change Your Life?

You have heard the saying, “Old habits die hard.” Habits can be hard to change. Many people fear change. They are quite comfortable and happy with keeping things the way they have always been. When even the slightest change is suggested you  may have heard, “We tried that once it never worked.” or “This is the way things have always been.” That’s all fine and dandy but the question I would say to you or anyone who makes these statements, “Are you happy with the RESULTS or OUTCOME you are currently getting?”

Are you happy with the:

  • state of your
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