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EPISODE 30: A Change of Plans

EPISODE 30: A Change of Plans

Life doesn’t always go as perfectly as we planned. There are times when our best intentions are met with disaster or misunderstandings. When life changes your plan, what do you do? As many of you know I have been writing my third book called Let’s Be Curious: How to Ask the Right Questions, Get Better Answers, and Make the Best Decisions™ which was due to come out November 2016. There has been a change of plans – the book will now … Read the rest

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5 Things You Can Do to Get Out of Your Own Way

No matter how successful you are or how driven you are, resistance to change is sure to show up. It shows up in the form of anxiety, self-doubt, and guilt. In order to accomplish what you want, you need to step out of your comfort zone but as soon as you do this, your mind starts playing games with you. It wants to keep you safe and protect you from any risks. This mindset chatter is the biggest obstacle to your success because it allows you to get in your own way. You end up reverting to patterns you have Read the rest

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5 Reasons People Push Back or Resist Change

Have you ever had someone give you push back when you were trying to implement something new? Have you been ever questioned about a change you were trying to make? Have you asked yourself why the change needs to occur?

Pushback or resistance to change can show up in many ways. A person can get defensive in trying to get their point. Whereas another person, may choose to be defiant and not do what they have been directed to do. Individuals may procrastinate in moving forward with their part of the change and do things last-minute or miss deadlines completely Read the rest

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Falling on Tough Times Means You Need to Adjust Your Focus

We don’t have to go too far to get drawn in to negativity. You can go to any social media page and see someone ranting about the political climate or their frustrations with the economy and the impact on their lives.

Tough times don’t last forever. They don’t impact everyone at the same time. There are industries that are growing and thriving by choice. They have learned to think creatively and to be innovative with what they have. They recognize that they are the creator of their own outcomes and experiences. Personal accountability and determination are what make the best … Read the rest

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