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Boost Your Emotional Intelligence by Asking Better Questions

My post “How to Use Your Emotional Triggers to Your Advantage” received a lot of feedback. I was asked whether or not I would be expanding it to a series and if I could dig deeper and leave you, the reader, contemplating some of the questions I ask.


Recognizing your emotional triggers is very important for the fact that our emotions and emotional awareness influence problem solving and decision-making. When you are triggered by your emotions, positive or negative, you should take a step back and ask yourself questions. By asking yourself questions, your brain can’t help but … Read the rest

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How Taking Responsibility Can Transform Your Life

From an early age, we have learned that life comes with responsibilities. We all have responsibilities but do we fulfill those responsibilities to the best of our ability? When things do not go as planned, you may have caught yourself blaming, complaining, or making excuses.

Granted, life happens along the way.

Some things are not in our control but there is a great number of things that are.18342524_l

Blaming, complaining, and making excuses will not change a thing. Alright, maybe the change will be that people start avoiding you as they do not want to get caught up in negative … Read the rest

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What Are You Waiting For?

My role as a speaker, author, and business, executive and entrepreneurial coach is to help people really get clear on the direction that they want to go. Often, they are faced with a challenge in their immediate time frame. They are trying to figure out ways to move forward to and move through to breakthrough. So many times I find people are waiting. Waiting for opportunities to be brought to them on a silver platter!

Well, sometimes you need to go out there and create your opportunities. You need to start sharing what it is you want to go after.  … Read the rest

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Get the Results You Want

Read the rest
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