EPISODE 138 – Make It Difficult to Duplicate with Jerry Bigam

Jerry Bigam
President & CEO Kinnikinnick Foods Inc.     www.kinnikinnick.com 
Graduated from U of A with BA in economics.
Held senior positions in economic development and planning in both the
Alberta and Saskatchewan governments.
Established economic development consulting firm that owned and managed
a variety of companies including an auto dealership (GMC), trucking
company, graphic arts manufacturing operation, furniture manufacturing,
and an architectural signage company.
Founder, Director and President of Westcan Malting in Alix, Alberta. (now
Rahr Malting) one of the largest maltings in the world
Founder, Director and President of Ceapro Developments – a specialty oat
processing plant with products for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, human and
animal health. Took company public in 1997.
Acquired interest in Kinnikinnick Foods Inc. in 1998 – a local Edmonton
based gluten-free specialty food manufacturer.
Acquired the remainder of Kinnikinnick Foods Inc. in 2005. This business is
one of the largest gluten-free food manufacturers in North America with new
markets developing overseas. The company produces a broad range of bakery
products that are all gluten free, dairy free, sesame free, soy free, peanut free
and tree nut free. The company operates one of the largest “Free From”
food allergy operations in the world from 2 plants in Edmonton totaling
150,000 square feet.

Board Member of Alberta Food processors since 1999
Board Member of Edmonton Agricultural CEO Club
Board Member Food Processors Logistics
Chairman of the Alberta Food Processors from 2005 to 2009
Recipient of Queen Elizabeth Golden Jubilee Medal

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