EPISODE 125 – Silence the Voice of Mediocrity

“Every day, people settle for less than they deserve. They are only partially living or at best living a partial life. Every human being has the potential for greatness.” Bo Bennett

The other day I was watching the movie, Concussion, with Will Smith playing the lead role. He plays a physician named Bennett (who works in the coroner’s office) who is determined to make a difference and become the American he dreamed of being from childhood. He faced his biggest obstacle – the NFL organization. They want to silence him and cover up his findings about concussions in football. He does not understand why they cannot work together toward a solution. His director, Cyril, informs him that not everyone is as committed to their work as he is and not everyone wants to change the world. This statement struck a cord with me. Why are people settling for less that their potential? Imagine what the world would be like if everyone was committed to making positive change in the world. What would that look like to you?

Settling for less or mediocrity means you are accepting less than you believe you deserve or what is possible. You may be settling to work at a job you dislike because of the pay you receive. You may be in a relationship where you are not valued or get the attention that you want or need – you are settling. You avoid making phone calls to prospects for the fear of rejection even though they mentioned they need your services. You prepare a celebration or go to the gym and put in half the effort you normally do – that is settling. The voice of mediocrity whispers “that’s good enough, no extra effort required.” When you have a cut that needs suturing, do you want them to suture up the whole cut or part of it and say, “that’s good enough.” You may have someone painting your house and they only do one coat instead of two – “that’s good enough.” Is it?

There are many reasons why people listen to the voice of mediocrity:

  • Everyone does not wake up to change the world.
  • You believe your past circumstance dictates your future.
  • You do not believe in yourself.
  • You forget you have a choice to create a different life – one you love!
  • You have not discovered your purpose. You do not have a vision to drive you.
  • You do not hold yourself accountable to take the actions necessary to get the results you want.
  • You are afraid of how your life will change when you become successful.
  • You avoid doing new things unless you are guaranteed to be successful.

Mediocrity, literally, suffocates the soul. You have the power to change and others have the power to change and they do. Do not accept mediocrity. Raise the bar and set expectations for the life, career, and business that you want.

Think of soap suds or bubbles in your bath or sink – S.U.D.S. Washing up your regular routine to become a better version of yourself. One of higher expectation! Mediocrity begone!

Surround yourself with people who you admire. You are the average of the five people you associate with the most. You become like those you surround yourself with. Do they lift you and encourage you to become a better version of yourself? Hire a coach to hold you accountable. Find a mentor who is willing to have you learn from them.

Use you free time to accomplish great things and produce results. Limit your television viewing time, social media scrolling time, or escapism reading. Decrease the amount of time you spend partying or shopping without intention. Be productive with your time and do things will help you in the future such as taking a course, keeping up-to-date on your industry, or intentional networking. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Get out of your comfort zone.

Do what others are not willing to do. This key will open the door to success. Not everyone will go above and beyond to serve their clients. Not everyone will work long hours. Not everyone is as committed as they say they are – they are interested in the idea of success but they are not willing to put in the effort to get it. You must do what you need to do to get ahead. There may be times you need to take risks and take a leap of faith. Of course, you can educate yourself, plan and prepare for it but you must trust yourself to come out successful on the other side. Believe in who you are and what you have to offer the world.

Sacrifice short term for long term gain. There are times when you may need to sacrifice your time, money, or resources to get ahead. You may need to work late the odd evening, you may need to skip the coffee stop and make coffee from home, or you may need to put off purchasing clothes and shoes so you can put your money elsewhere. They are small sacrifices in the big picture although at the time it may seem difficult. It only seems difficult because you are stepping out of your comfort zone. You had been accustomed to doing things a certain way or buying things because you want them. Make a list of some of the sacrifices you need to make to get closer to achieving your vision. How long do you need to do this – 3 months. 6 months, or 9 months?

People often settle for mediocrity when they people believe they cannot achieve their goals or they do not what to put in the effort required to get what they want. They tell themselves, “Why desire more? I should be happy with what I have and who I am. I am not capable of being more than I am. This is it.” Years pass and a seed of regret and wonder begins to grow. What might have been possible if I did not settle for second best? What might have been possible if I only put in more effort or did not skip practices? What might have been possible if I stayed home and studied for my exam instead of procrastinating? What might have been…is now your opportunity to…

“If you don’t know what you want, you’ll never find it.
If you don’t know what you deserve, you’ll always settle for less.
You will wander aimlessly, uncomfortably numb in your comfort zone, wondering how life has ended up here.

Life starts now, live, love, laugh and let your light shine!”
― Rob Liano

Are you settling? What do you need to do to raise your bar and silence the voice of mediocrity?

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