Episode 112 – Money Mastery with Elena Forbes

Meet Our Guest:

Elena J. Forbes is a profit strategist she works with entrepreneurs and professionals to learn how to grow their wealth and cash flow to achieve an abundant lifestyle. She empowers clients to fully understand their numbers, eliminate money leaks and debts and create a wealth plan so they can invest in anything they want and stand out as leaders in their industries.

Elena went from being a young single mother living in low-income housing, to becoming debt-free, owning her own home as well as a cash flowing rental property, and co-owns a 7-figure business. Elena has become the go-to expert for entrepreneurs and professionals to learn her step-by-step formula to go from running a stressful business to efficiently building profit and wealth in your company and in your life.

She believes that financial empowerment is the key to having everything YOU want and no matter where you are today, you can achieve this level of wealth and cash flow success!

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