Episode 100 – Turn Ambition into Action

“Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.” Bill Bradley

Have you noticed that some people have more ambition than others? Some people seem to have a natural drive to pursue their goals while others seem not to care less – or do they? Ambition is having the strong desire to achieve something. It is the internal force – the drive that excites a person to go after what they want. Everyone has a strong desire to achieve something that is special to them and because it may not have the same importance to you as it does to them it seems that that person does not have drive or ambition. Now, if you can tap into what energizes and excites them you can witness a change in their physiology as you are talking to them. They stand taller, they talk faster, their eyes light up, and they may even smile. This is the internal motivation – the drive that turns ambition into action.

When you are clear on what it is you want to achieve and you have the drive to go after it, you will take the actions necessary to make it happen. However, sometimes there are distractions that get you sidetracked in the process. You may need to silence your inner critic (See Episode #93), push through procrastination, and even step out of perfection. It is bad enough that you have outside critics but the inside critic is the one that you cannot avoid contact with or set boundaries with. It is with you all the time so you need to manage it. You cannot let it talk you out of what you know you must do. The inner critic is helpful when it comes to alerting you to do your due diligence but other than that it can sabotage you from achieving success.

Signs of procrastination may mean that your goal is not as important as you think it is. You delay important tasks and miss deadlines. You do not have a routine to get up or go to bed so you go to bed to avoid doing any work. You give up when the going gets tough. Your workspace may be cluttered or full of disarray. You probably will end up spending more time tidying up than getting any work done. If it is no longer important to you, it is okay to regroup and focus on a goal that is important to you. Without an emotional attachment to your goal, you will not take the actions needed to make it a reality.

You can halt your ambitions and aspirations with perfection. You may be waiting until the time is right before you take action. Act now, otherwise, you may be waiting a long time. Imperfect action can lead to greater outcomes.

The best way to turn your ambition into action is through preparation and planning. Prepare for the outcome you desire. Researchers say it takes 10,000 hours of study to be considered an expert in a field of practice. Even with preparation and planning, some uncertainty can exist. However, when you plan and prepare for a variety of situations you will be better able to face new situations or challenges that arise.

When you are ambitious, you must be careful not to spread yourself too thin by accepting every opportunity that comes your way. Initially, you probably want to take on every offering your get, however, you may learn quickly that not every project is a good fit. You may not have an interest in taking the actions necessary to get the results expected – meaning that you may not put forth your best effort.

Another topic or phrase that comes to mind when I hear “turn ambition into action” I think of “walking the talk”. You can talk about something repeatedly but until you take action nothing will come out of it.

Sometimes people see ambition in a negative light thinking that a person with do whatever it takes and that they do not care what happens to others in the process. They have not ethics or moral compass. Ambition has more heart and soul than people give it credit. A truly successful person (in all areas of their lives) knows that it is the relationships that are built along the way that leads to their success. No one is successful alone. They care about people and often their “why” extends beyond attaining money. Money is a vehicle, a tool, to get to a means and can be used for the greater good. A person’s reputation and how they approach life will last more than what’s in a bank account.

Ambition offers hope for a better future. You need to dream big to achieve big! Ambitious people are clear on what they want to achieve and they work hard. You can often see their drive in the form of the effort they put in and the sparkle in their eyes as they get to work on their mission. There is an intensity – a focus like you may have never seen before. You need to persist in the face of adversity and navigate the roadblocks and barriers. Remember that each step you take and all effort you put in all compounds to get you the results you see.

Discover what drives you and take the action steps you need to get there. Do not get stuck on the “how” you will do it. Decide and start brainstorming what actions need to be taken – the how will show up! Ask questions and take action! To achieve big, you need to start with the vision and your ambition with drive the process.

“Ambition is enthusiasm with a purpose.” 
― Frank Tyger


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