Episode 35 – The Power of Testimonials

Let’s face it we all have been influenced by feedback or testimonials offered by credible individuals who must know the benefits of using a product or service. You see celebrities and athletes endorse products and services so they must be great right? You figure in their putting their reputation on the line. Learn how you can use the power of testimonials or in other terms references to get more clients and stir up interest in what you have to offer. You can do this by using the stories from past and current clients.

What do testimonials do?

Testimonials build trust and credibility. If people are putting their name to a product or service, you start to believe that the person who’s endorsing is credible so the product or service must be credible too.

Testimonials help people relate to that outcome and results. People want to see themselves in the story. They want to see growth, an increase in the # of clients, any increase in money gained, and the solution to their challenge or problem. They want to experience similar success.

TMW_PDFclickhere.fwTestimonials offer social proof and often address objections about whether or not a product may work for them or not. When people see that others have benefited from a product or service, they start to believe that it might be possible for them as well.

Testimonials make your product or service come alive. If people haven’t had a chance to meet you or have been exposed to your product or service. .A testimonial could be very powerful in building that know- like and trust factor.

Many individuals do not use testimonials enough to promote their business. Testimonials are a free and powerful marketing tool that can be pivotal in your business.

What does the great testimonial look like?

Testimonials are stories of a person’s experience with you. A great testimonial is relatable and specific to the problem being solved. It addresses objections or skepticism that a person may have in using your product or service. It explains how you helped overcome someone’s challenge or hurdle to be successful.

The best way to get a great testimonial is to tell people what you need specifically. Think about some of the objections that customers have happened or one’s that you believe people may have in the future.

A great testimonial will:

  • Describe the benefits and results of working with you or your products and service,
  • Address obstacles or objections that have been overcome and how you were the solution to the problem.
  • Persuade others with the reasons why someone should use your product or service.
  • Draw an emotional connection.
  • Increase engagement and social media efforts.
  • Focus on why the person chose your product or service and what they liked the most.
  • Focus on the timeliness and the impact of working with you, your product, or service.

Testimonials need to be believable before people can see themselves in the story. Some people make claims that are so outrageous that this will just add to the skepticism of whether or not your product or service will work for the person reading it. Position your powerful testimonials on your website, in your newsletter, and on your social media. Get testimonials on a regular basis and have them rotate in your marketing.

Are you just getting started? No problem. Provide the prospect or customer with a sample of your product or services either for free or discounted rate in exchange for a testimonial. Make sure your client or customer is aware that you will be sharing this testimonial for marketing purposes. Ask people to write, record audio, or video testimonial to be used on your website and other marketing materials. Audio and video have a big impact in creating engagement and credibility. If you get a written testimonial, ask if you can use a picture beside it. People like to identify with where the positive feedback is coming from.

Start leveraging the power of the testimonial in your marketing materials. Start positioning yourself and stepping into your own power.

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Time: 10:00 min

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