9 Powerful Habits of the High Performer

I have always enjoyed studying people and performance. I love to learn about what makes them tick and what ticks them off? What is the trigger? How do they switch gears when things do not go as planned? What do they do differently that the average person?

I would like to consider myself a high performer but I also know that I can become more disciplined as sometimes those late nights do not lead to early morning starts. I love mornings but I can also get caught up in my work because I love it so much!

Think about the successful people in your life, what are their daily habits? How did they become successful?

Many people see the success and think it was handed to them on a silver platter. Here you go! I wish it was that easy but – it is not so!Waiter with empty silver tray

There is so much more that you do not see. What goes on behind closed doors…the long hours, missed vacations, and all the small daily sacrifices to reach their end goal.

Get Up Earlier than The Rest.

Prepare yourself for the day before everyone else is up. 5 am is a great start. Your body is for movement. Fit in some morning exercise at least 30 minutes. Eat breakfast. Read an industry related book or write in a journal for about 20 minutes. You may even consider meditation or prayer to clear your mind of any doubts or worries you may have. High performers are go-getters.

You can get a few more hours up on the world – watch your productivity soar. Why? You will feel stronger, more clear on what you need to do, your body is fueled and energy is up. You are in position to conquer the world.

Take 100% Responsibility for Your Life.

High performers do not make excuses for their actions. They own them and if something did not go as planned they look for a solution or admit their involvement. High performers do not complain or look to blame any one. They look for what they may have done to change the outcome or what their contribution was. There is no sense dwelling on something you have no control over as a root cause analysis does not change the outcome. Positive forward thinking builds momentum. It is an unshakeable attitude – an air of confidence that says – this is my life and I have choices.

Learn from Your Mistakes.

I know people who are afraid to try new things because they are perfectionists and are afraid of failure – perhaps you feel the same way. If you do not try new things, you are depriving yourself of a lifetime of new experiences and opportunities. There is no guarantee of success or failure without an attempt. What you think is playing it safe can actually be your greatest risk. Instead, look for the lessons and try to not make the same mistake twice.

Progress Before Perfection.

If you wait for everything to be perfect, you may never get started. Strive for your personal best. Don’t worry about what others are doing – they are not living your  journey. Stop comparing yourself to others and devaluing yourself.

Go the extra mile.Female Runner Winning Marathon

Work harder than the competition and deliver more than expected. Do what others do not do and you will be noticed and remembered. High achievers ensure they make an impact in the lives of others whether it be providing more value or helping them reach their goals.

Take time to learn more to earn more.

High performers do not watch a lot of television unless it is part of their work. According to some reported statistics collected by A.C. Nielsen Co. and reported by Norman Herr, PhD from California State University, Northridge on Television and Health, the average North American watches 4 hours a day of television (28 hours/week). To a high performer, time is money. Time is relationships. Time is education, knowledge, and experience. Time is health. The most shocking information I noted when reading Television & Health was that parents only have 3.5 minutes of meaningful conversation with their children a week.How are we as a society encouraging the high performers of the future?

You have the same amount of time as the next person to achieve success. What are you doing with the time you have? You can be reading and researching to learn more about your industry, and investing in yourself both professionally and personally. The more you learn and apply your learning the greater your earning potential.

Write down your goals.

Make it real. By putting your goals on paper and inking them, you are make more of a commitment. Keep your goals visible so they stay top of mind. Write down strategies that you plan to take to achieve them. This exercise will help you stay focused and more inspired to take action. Breaking down your goals makes them less overwhelming. High performers know that once a ball is in motion and action is taken. Momentum occurs.

Surround Yourself with Like-Minded People.

You are the average of the five people you surround yourself the most. You may have heard the phrase, “You become the company that you keep.” Stop and think about the people you spend the most time with. Eliminate or limit the interaction you have with toxic people and surround yourself with people who elevate you and want you to help you reach your goals. High performers are always stretching themselves by getting to know new people and learning new things. Positive environments fosters growth. Raise the bar!

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone.

Complacency is like the kiss of death. When you get to comfortable, you begin to resist growth and change. Change is progress. You may be afraid to take a risk. Remember the more knowledge or you have about a subject, the more competent and confident you feel. High performers know that risks can lead to great rewards. Do your homework and make your own decision about whether you want to go ahead with something. Trust your gut.

High performers create their own success through sacrifice, discipline, and hard work. They even ask for HELP! Look at the high achievers in your life. What are they doing?

If they can do it so can you!

The question is..what are you willing to do?

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