9 Great Reasons to Hire a Coach

The world of coaching is a growing profession. You can hire a coach for many different areas of your life. Olympic athletes have a coach. Businesses hire business coaches to build their leadership team. Life coaches can help you through life’s challenging lessons or transitions. Career coaches can help support you in discovering a new career or changing your existing one. Coaches help you see challenges from a different perspective and see situations from a more forward thinking position.

Coaches provide a safe confidential space for you be share your challenges or barriers holding you back from the outcome you desire. They ask the right questions to help you get unstuck and move forward to get the results you want. Coaching is about working in partnership helping individuals work toward a common goal.

Courtesy of Posterize/freedigitalphotos.com

Courtesy of Posterize/freedigitalphotos.com

Coaches help you to:

  • acknowledge your successes
  • encourage action steps
  • hold you accountable for following through on what you say you are going to do
  • brainstorm strategies to move through challenges
  • improve performance and productivity
  • develop clarity when assessing decision making and direction
  • set clear goals and achieving them faster and for effectively
  • move ahead professionally
  • create balance and improve well-being
  • increase your income

The coaching experience is about gaining awareness about what your priorities are, creating strategies to create a life or business you want, and knowing how and when to shift gear when you get off track. The action comes from you. Coaches do not have done what you are planning to do to support you.

Coaches ask the right questions based on what you share that you want to discuss. Coaching is an investment but the return on investment can be infinite and overflow into many other areas in your life. My experience with coaching was positive. I learned to get clear about what I want, set boundaries, speak up for myself, or as Sheryl Sandberg would say, ‘Lean In to the Table” and let my voice be heard. You would be surprised how coaching sparks the motivation to go after what you want. Hiring a coach has been of my best investments in myself and my business.

What gets me is that there is so much support to be had from coaches but not everyone takes advantage of the opportunity to have someone there to help take them to the next level of reaching their goals.

What have you gained from a coaching experience?

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  1. I am a coach and have three coaches myself. I agree that coaching can be life-changing!

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