Power Shifting Your Blog: What Can You Do with a Blog Content Anyway?

Blogs add so much value to the marketplace and for the solopreneur there are many ways in which you can repurpose the content you create. The blog is your outlet to create and innovate. Travel to new frontiers!

What can you do with your blog content? Here are 15 ways!

  1. Use content to revamp and create articles which you submit to www.ezinearticles.com or other article marketing sites
  2. Use the content to revamp and create special report, ebook or a book
  3. Take out great statements (yes, your quotes) that you made to “Tweet” or share on Facebook.
  4. Gather comments together for future editions or create a new article based on feedback.
  5. Put those statements on pictures you have taken – maybe even create a slide show
  6. Send links from your blog on a topic that might interest your prospects or customers.
  7. Create a postcard with a qr code from your blog.
  8. Design a worksheet or a checklist.
  9. Create a teleseminar on your topic of interest.
  10. Make video about the topic in your blog.
  11. Become a guest on someone else’s blog! 
  12. Email in your newsletter
  13. Create a podcast on iTunes.
  14. Create a product – CD of your blogging material.
  15. Share blog topic with a potential customer. “You know I recently wrote a blog about that very topic.” Timely!

Why work harder, when you can work smarter and achieve great things! There are many more ways to repurpose your blog. Keep things fresh by revamping and creating content that grabs your readers attention – new titles, extra points, examples, expand a bit more on a topics, or create one topic from one of the bullet points.

I would love to hear how you repurpose your blog content! Be Sociable and Share!!!

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10 Responses to Power Shifting Your Blog: What Can You Do with a Blog Content Anyway?

  1. This is good information and adds value to my blog content. Working smarter is definitely preferably to working harder.

  2. Hi Debra: I’m using the my chocolate travel blog to build up interest in my upcoming book on chocolate travel. Many of the blog posts will be woven into the book. So the blog is a marketing tool, but it’s also a platform that enables me to write content that will be repurposed into a book.

  3. Great ideas! Definitely some food for thought when it comes to expanding my content and getting it more “out there”!

  4. Kama says:

    My first book “The Happy Migrant – Your Relocation Survival Guide” was created through my experiences, my clients questions and posts I wrote sharing my experiences and answering the questions. From there it didn’t take long to create a book so I totally agree. Great post 🙂

  5. Lena says:

    Hi Debra,
    Thanks for this list, it makes each blog post much more valuable, I loved it!

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