Building Confidence

Are there times that you wish you felt more confident when you walk a room? If you look around that room, do you think everyone is 100% all the time? Tell you what, everybody lacks confidence in one area in their life or another, especially when they are trying out new things. Instead of worrying about that someone is so much better than you and comparing yourself. Look at the areas in your life that you are confident in, you feel completely in control in. You already ARE and HAVE confidence in many areas of your life…maybe just not in the area you are hoping to right now.

Do you want to know the biggest secret?

“You increase your confidence every time you take action toward your goal that you are trying to reach. ” – Debra Kasowski

As you get practice, you might make mistakes, fall down, you get up, and you keep perserving – you reflect, and learn whatever lessons that that brought you. I guarantee you soon enough, you will also have confidence in those areas too. Then you will have a new area you will have to practice.

Get up and know that you have confidence in other areas of your life right now. You might just need to learn more lessons right now to make you more confident where you are right now and where you are heading.



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